Wall of Fame

At DONOS, we are proud of our customers and partners, who have supported us from the beginning and even long before.
In what have sometimes been the most difficult situations, they have always been there to back us.
This page is a tribute to our Star Partners. Click on the stars to read their testimony.

Conquest Advisors France


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“An efficient team that aims to keep customers happy and provides support with added value. Thank you for your commitment over the past 4 years.”



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“The availability and professionalism of Donos has enabled us to plan our migration projects for collaborative tools with peace of mind. The professional, personalised support we have from Mikaël allows Donos to keep up with our developments and requirements in order to constantly offer implementation solutions tailored to our needs.”



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“After months of mutual collaboration with DONOS, we’re happy to announce we succeed to migrate our Confluence and Jira instance from Server to Cloud. Thanks to DONOS for their support, expertise and the high quality of services provided by their teams to help Elis group migrate Atlassian tools to cloud. This migration has been started in April 2021 by a full analysis of server instance and teams needs and current difficulties. DONOS organised workshops with several key users and then with teams. Then we define with DONOS a target of what we wanted to achieve and set up (Guide lines & recommendations). And we started to clean up server instance, project by project to reach the target, before moving to cloud. In the same time we started discussing with Atlassian on licences and our migration project. One more time, DONOS facilitated discussion with Atlassian and contract and licence difficulties we had with Atlassian. In January 2022 we started to plug Jira and Confluence to our SSO Okta, and DONOS were again a decisive asset in project success. Then we started the migration project by project, with help of DONOS. In the same time we have entrusted DONOS with the management of user support, which today represents an assistance of nearly 500 users in Europe and we hope to continue to develop the tool in other countries in the world. Thanks to DONOS, we have converted an aging tool into a group tool at the center of project management.Thanks to DONOS that empowered our Jira (and Confluence).”



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“As part of the OCTIME group’s agile and digital transformation, we called on Donos Conseil to gradually roll out the Atlassian solutions. From the very start of the project, each step was a great success. Donos has unquestionably strong technical expertise, but that’s not the key point. It is their agile approach, above all, that forms the key to success: advice, extremely available teams over a given period, workshops, MVP, iteration, training, etc. Thank you Mikaël, and here’s to more!”

Pernod Ricard France


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“Competent, available, efficient in implementing proposals and solutions tailored to our needs. Working with DONOS is a pleasure!”



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“We were facing a colossal challenge: migrating Servicenow to JIRA SD in the middle of a pandemic. The only approach was a gradual roll-out rather than a “big bang”; the scope covered information systems department (> 700 internal, external and offshore resources) and business areas (> 15,000 customers) across a collection of over 150 applications. DONOS’ contribution was, quite simply, crucial and undeniable; beyond his technical and operational skills, Florian demonstrated exceptional human and organisational qualities; […] with a very ambitious 6-month schedule to have everything completed, he quickly mastered a complex set of circumstances and extremely exacting requirements, but above all gained the trust of his contacts, the Domain Manager, the Group Applications Manager and the Project Manager. As our team is made up of different suppliers, Florian was perfectly aligned with the team-player mentality that is so important to me. Now we are in a roll-out phase for the entire ITIL scope, directly overseen by him. Many thanks again, Florian.”



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“At SIB, we worked with Mikaël even before DONOS Conseil was founded. I met him during an Atlassian Tour, where he demonstrated his team’s extensive expertise in Atlassian products. Since then, we have worked on different issues around Confluence, Jira and their plugins. The responsiveness and assistance from Mikaël and DONOS Conseil have been invaluable. In fact, we have also entrusted him with managing some of our licences for new products.”



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“Thank you for your professionalism. Our learners appreciate your attentiveness, your expertise and your ability to adapt. Your work is always very much appreciated at SPARKS!”



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“DONOS is a reliable, trustworthy development partner that helps us with implementing specific requirements, with our customers’ requests and with agile methodology. We have been very happy with their responsiveness, professionalism and very high-level technical expertise. Their strong project management skills have been a bonus in our transition towards full Atlassian implementation.

Réseau Canopé


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” Our need was to configure the Jira Cloud application to best meet all the heterogeneous expectations of our users. The support of the DONOS team, in particular via design workshops, made it possible to provide easily identifiable project models to meet this need. In addition, the availability of the team made it easier to meet the milestones of the initial schedule.”