2021 was a big year for DONOS, both in France and in Armenia.

Armenia 2021

Having been founded in 2019, the Armenian branch quickly began to sign support-provision contracts with local companies.

In 2021, we established the first DONOS AM team. The key aim of this team is to contribute to projects in France and Armenia, as well as to provide back-office for the entire group.

In October, we were able to move into our own offices in central Yerevan: one step closer to establishing ourselves in Armenia long-term!

Training offer

Following the ever-changing market closely, we were rapidly able to develop our training offer thanks to strong partnerships. Recruiting our Customer Success Manager was also a real turning point. This has given our offer a real after-sales focus, which has contributed, among other things, to ensuring Atlassian solutions are used.

The training offer will continue to evolve to enable our customers to train at their own pace, with an emphasis on remote or in-person methods according to their expectations.

The team as our key investment

Our team is larger and more stable than in previous years. We have formed a caring team that works to help one another. There is a real team and collaborative spirit to which each member contributes with their own skills, knowledge and personal qualities.
At DONOS, our company culture is fundamental, and this has been covered in one of our previous articles.

Despite the omnipresence of COVID-19, we have been able to keep dialogue open and stay connected thanks to our team-building activities, technical training and in-person activities in both France and Armenia.

Aware that our consultants are our “raw material”, it is essential to invest in their well-being. This includes allowing them to work from home 2 to 3 days a week and creating relaxation areas, as well as supporting our interns, block-release students and junior members in developing their skills and taking up their position.

By bringing them into the field quickly, we try to entrust them with tasks that increase their responsibility while providing adequate supervision to promote their successes, as well as supporting them through their failures, which above all are opportunities to learn.

Each employee gradually finds their feet and takes on their responsibilities, with the personalised career plan we draw up together, tailored to their expectations.

Getting results

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, in France we reached that key milestone of one million in turnover, 61% up on the previous year. 

As with many operators in our field, we have seen all our activities slow down.

To ward off the crisis, we have reinvented ourselves, identifying the emergence of new markets such as remote training, offering professional courier services for IT equipment deliveries, and by offering electronic signing for our contracts and videoconferencing for our meetings. Now we are better equipped to working closely with our customers around the world, with no compromises.

Our expectations for 2022

For 2022, we will continue to invest in our DONOS team, while giving them the freedom to organise themselves and take their own responsibility.

2022 is also a year for fresh starts, an opportunity to get a new look and invest in our solutions and offers.

We are continuing to build our French team so that we can continue to develop our expertise in the field.

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