Have you considered Jira Service Desk for your customer support solution?

An increasing number of companies are offering online services in order to remain competitive. This trend has risen sharply since the lockdown in France to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Retailers and craftspeople everywhere are adapting, with websites, online ordering, home delivery or to nearby pick-up points, and more.

The government even published an article with advice and recommendations to help retails continue their operations online. The government also made arrangements with solution providers to offer specially-negotiated or even free services during lockdown.

When working online, all industries encounter the same problems. How can you respond to customers within a reasonable time frame? How can you best manage your after-sales service? And, above all, how can you maintain high customer satisfaction and a good image on social media?

Some are finding that their e-reputation is an essential factor to keep on top of. A single misstep can be fatal. This was something we observed with textile startups some months ago.

According to the website Finances Online, in their article “45+ Key Customer Support Statistics: 2020 Analysis of Trends, Data and Market Share” (an absolute must-read), 88% of customers would favour companies with modern and innovative customer support tools. According to the same article, 89% of customers would switch to the competition due to an unsuitable customer experience.

Within just a few months, the hard-affected travel industry has had to deal with a tsunami of claims and complaints, and this is where organisation is key.

I myself have had to cancel several trips. Here are a few examples of responses I have received, without mentioning the companies.

– online form
– no exchange
– refund within 24 hrs for a long-haul flight that was supposed to be non-refundable
– no additional document required

Home-stay bookings company:
– 1 phone call, 20-minute wait
– full refund within a few days

Tour operator:
– booking for other plane tickets: 5 phone calls,
– 1 to 3-hr wait each time
– refund finally received but the money is still not in my account

These three companies use Atlassian solutions, which might suggest that the problem lies elsewhere. For example, in their organisation and processes.

With a market estimated by Forbes in 2017 at 350B dollars, there are many customer service solutions and it isn’t always easy to choose the right one.

At DONOS, as an Atlassian partner, we favour the Jira Service Desk solution. This is a complete solution in line with the market standard (ITIL-certified for 4 processes: Incident Management, Service Management, Problem Management et Change Management). Jira Service Desk is also highly customisable in order to suit your industry, and above all is easy to integrate into your value chains (retail, R&D, production and shipping management, etc.).

Last week, we gave a webinar on Jira Service Desk to introduce the product’s features. 

Contact-us if you would like to see it again and we’ll organise a session.

Today I’d like to offer you some free content, a workshop to hold in-house or with us, in order to quickly analyse all the challenges and solutions before building your Jira Service Desk.

One tip for success is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes: why do they come to you?  What are their expectations when they contact you? What needs to be changed so that they do not have to come back for the same incident? Ask them yourself – in fact, why not do this workshop with them?

The tool is easy to implement: 1 to 2 weeks may be enough, or sometimes just a few hours, but success always depends on your organisation and your processes.

Over to you!


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